‘Ego’ Death

Efforts to “drop the ego”, like those used to pick up/buy into such conceptual self-identification, is in itself the operation of what is being called ‘ego’. Seeing the nature of this is enough – but few will see this as there is no payoff for the identifiable ‘self’.

For those who do ‘see’ the nature of this, by exhaustion or by grace, attachment/identification is revealed/recognized/realized as obviously false and such delusion simply becomes unsustainable. Nothing need be done or not done about this ‘ego’ business. The so called ‘ego’ is perpetually rebuilt of thinking otherwise. Efforts to deal with ‘ego’ are but ‘ego’ reformations. ‘Ego’ is an invention, in a state of continual re-invention.

The ‘work’ comes after this realization, when you must concede the false self has its place in this – and is not ‘other’ or ‘separate’ from this. Only realization and death are effortless. This is no coincidence.

    RE: Spiritual Scandals


    From a reply I made on Yahoo ‘Zen Forum’ Group:

    Identifying with anyone as a “spiritual leader” leads invariably to being mislead.

    One lesson is offered by such distasteful events as leaders abusing followers: The ignorant, the suffering, are easily mislead.

    Human organizations, naturally have humans at their head. To call them ‘leaders’ of the organization is fine. To have expectations of them being super-human examples of humanity, is ignorance.

    Seeking, is totally human/inherently personal in its expression, and thus inherently flawed. Same for teaching. Realization neither requires following human guidance nor rejecting it. Everything, as an aspect of this, only points to this.

    When human guidance appears to serve us it is deemed worthy. When it appears as a disservice to us, it is deemed contemptible. Such is ‘ordinary mind’, such is self-delusion.

    The body, invariably produces shit. Any ‘BS’ conceived in this, is wholly the crap of our own self-deusion.

    ‘Bad’ teachers, teach the truth nonetheless. Muddying the waters, may ultimately only serve to bring about awareness of the relative nature of clarity.

    Seeing good and bad teachers, is the seekers error. This, is the pure teaching.

    Any ‘Zen’ that can be attached to, in this or any other way, is not Zen.

    To discover that people are capable of being assholes, is no great realization.

    Immaculate conception/pure realization, doesn’t give two shits about this shit.

    Transmission = Flushing your shit.

    “… clean your bowl.” – Joshu




      Today’s Haiku Koan

      Contemporary form:

      One eye is opened,
      The other eye is unclosed,
      Two eyes, no one sees.

      Traditional form:

      Buddha’s eye open,
      Buddha’s other eye unclosed,
      Buddha sees Buddha.


      Enlightenment is the ability to see.
      Compassion is the inability to not see.
      Equanimity is the unity of such seeing.


      Harmony (Law).



        The Zen of Advaita/Advaita of Zen

        Understanding this, is grasping and rejecting what appear to be different.

        Understanding this, reflections/resonances of same mind.

        Understanding this, is to not settle on understanding.

        Understanding, underlies appearance of ‘self’.

        Understanding, I am that.

        None understand.