The ‘Others’

The Others

A strange dream I had recently:

I was looking down at a person, a man. He was severely injured, more like shredded, and thrashing about wildly on some sort of inclined restraining device. There were several beings/creatures surrounding, hovering over, alternately ripping his flesh away with dark sharp claws. Their backs were to me and I was very close, more among them than behind. I couldn’t make them out very well, and was more than a little grateful for that.

I was unable to look away, or to intervene. A disembodied observer with a front row seat in my own private Hell. As I watched this horrific spectacle, what was transpiring gradually began to shift. The tearing claws and strips of torn flesh all becoming more translucent, softer. More energy than matter. It was as if the “flesh” that was being torn away was now being replaced with something else entirely. Something more fluid, more ethereal, was being integrated with what had been a man’s torn body. A horrific assault becoming a strangely beautiful, yet still terrifying transformation.

Soon, this bizarre process was completed. A semitransparent and translucent being, glowing with a soft golden light, lay before me. The others had withdrawn. I had an unobstructed view, but there are no words that can fully describe what I was seeing.

Immediately my perspective shifted, to that of the being on the table. I was that being! The disjointed sense of horror I has been experiencing instantly became the very intimate grip of sheer terror. I looked out, and standing before me were the beings that had done this. All all of them looking exactly alike, exactly like what I had become. What they had done to me, they were that.

They came closer, silently expressing a powerful emotion, as if taking infinitely perverse joy in their work. An even greater sense of terror surged at the sight of this odd welcoming party – their communal joy in all this madness – overwhelming – pushing me to insanity. This emotion they were projecting was itself more terrifying, more invasive and overpowering, than all that had just transpired. They were reaching out to me, for me, to realize and accept I was no longer who and what I had been – to share their joy that I was gone and we were one…

No going back. Nothing left of me, nothing I could recognize as “me”. In that instant there came a great release. A dissipation of all the fear, a merging into the experiencing of it all, as I realized I had always been this. Only now was able to see in this way, to share in this inexplicable bliss…

I awoke immediately, and smiled.

[End note: These 'others' appeared very much like luminous transparent highly complex 4D versions of the beings in the hyper-reality artwork of Alex Grey (no relation - or is there? *L*)]


    1. Hello! I was wandering through the frivolities of the internet when I happened upon your page. I first found our identical initials interesting but starting wandering around and came to this post. I quite enjoyed your dream, though it was a negative one. I myself could never lucid dream….

      Either way, I also dropped by your gallery. “Rio Negro” is gorgeous.

      -K. Grey

    2. Just a dream, but odd in how I was awake at the end, remembering it all so clearly. How terror, was not. How others, were not. I was not changed, nothing lost or gained, just realized what I was. Just experiencing. Not body, or pain, or fear, but also those as they arise.

      The dream was also a reminder that others do not need to be changed, awakened, or saved. We are reflections of each other, so at best we may offer someone a subtle shift in perspective on their own light.

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