Big Deal

A quote from Ken Wilber’s Foreword to ‘Big Mind/Big Heart’ by Genpo Roshi:

“With the Big Mind Process, a genuine kensho can occur in about an hour—seriously. Once you get it, you can do it virtually any time you wish, and almost instantaneously.”

Wow! Sounds great! How much is “it” and where can I get “it”?

Seriously though, I don’t really have a problem with these guys claiming to sell awakening. I also am not bothered by those who are ever chasing after the next sure way to end their suffering and keep them in business. I feel only compassion for this state of affairs. It’s quite a show, and any protests I might mount would be for show (aka pointers).

To me, commercializing on the path in this way is no better or worse than the moralizing of the path done in the name of spirituality and religion. Neither has squat to do with awakening. Both seek to profit from the actions of other in their own way. Both are capable of harm/help.

I do not see any of this in terms of right/wrong. It’s just how “normal” people function. I do of course have a personal sense of this myself and live accordingly (mind naturally discriminates), but I find doing so for others to be offensive. As offensive as labeling anyone “awakened” or “unawakened” – and ignorant of the obvious contradiction in this thinking. Suchness offers an endless supply of such pointers.

So, rather than pushing some opinion in an effort to strengthen or shake loose anyone’s grasp on those they already hold,  I’ll simply offer some reflection/pointers, triggered after I read that Ken Wilber quote above:


An awakening that can be repeated, or leaves any desire to do so, is a dream. A fleeting arising and passing in experiencing. A dreamer that seeks such experiences, uses them like sleeping pills to sustain the dream.

The more profound or mind-blowing any particular “awakening” experience is, or the more any particular practice is seen as the way to achieve such states, the greater the trap it becomes if it such experiences are mistaken to be anything but curious side effects.

Awakening is not to, or through, an experience. Certain experiences may simply render this obvious in ways others didn’t. Sometimes awakening will seem part of a “path”, other times “sudden”, but these are just appearances. We suddenly find that we are lost on the path. There is no other way. We are the experiencing…

Big Mind takes $ and offers techniques. Awakening will take everything, with no charge.

These are not mutually exclusive, as nothing can prevent awakening. People are interested in these sorts of offerings/experiences, so a product/service is being offered to them. It may be of great help to many, but realization/awakening is not self-help.

Some awaken and credit this or that action as being part of some path. Some attempt to create new tools/offer new insights. People are naturally compelled to have something/some way to share (unless you sit in a cave, and even that’s a statement).

Re-framing (the Jungian aspects of Big Mind, NLP, and many others) is a powerful technique, and can have great utility in problem solving.

Attempts to re-frame the unbounded, are ultimately a futile exercise of ego.

Reality is not a problem.

There is no lack. Seek laughter.


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    1. I was in the neighborhood so I thought I’d drop by. Which reminds me; I once had a profound epiphany in the last house on the block, but have since lost the address. Why does an epiphany have such a short shelf life? Or is that just my imagination? Ah! If only they were transferable and indelible … Imagine being swept into an upward spiraling cyclone, without the knowledge of gravity being suspended. There was a time when going up and down was quite fashionable. Outside those linear perimeters, the winds of change frolic flirtatiously with freedom from falling.

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