This ‘Enlightenment’ Business

This ‘Enlightenment’ business presents as a set of false choices.

This is not a matter of ‘doing’, as any doing only amounts to seeing what is done. Not a matter of ‘not doing’, as this takes care of itself.

The way is neither grasped by ‘doing’, nor is delusion rejected by ‘not doing’. This is the way of ‘non-doing’ (wu wei, non-duality, self-realization, call it what you will – just answer the call). This is simply seeing the game for what (and why) it is (as it is), realizing the game plays itself through/as us doing this and not doing that.

‘Doing’ and ‘not doing’ real-ized as dual expressions of pure potential – equally potent. Omnipotent. The same. ‘Not two’ – though naturally appearing as two as that is the nature of appearances. There is no greater power, and no ‘Way’ that is not this, no way to be separate from this, nothing that is not this pure creative potential – AKA ‘Love’.

Duality is a dance of partners, their movement creating the illusion of space. The accompanying music needs pauses to have any sensible melody or rhythm, adding the illusion of time (giving us the reciprocal relation known as ‘space-time’). Unity (realization), experienced as unconditional love (compassion), means loving this as it expresses in apparent/conditional duality (equanimity).

So do what you are moved to do. What other choice do you have? How is this even  choice at all, except in a story told by an imagined narrator? This is already this. What matters to you, is how you recognize (re-cognize) this as love. Conscious ‘bliss’. What doesn’t matter to you, is unrecognized. Unaware/ignorant ‘bliss’.  This = Bliss = Love = God (expressing/experiencing as You/Not You). This/Bliss is not limited to happiness or any other perceivable state. It is infinite peace (unlimited by your present state of mind).

If there is ‘spiritual’ trick, it is to do what you do without intention to achieve or expectation to attain. Simply do, or do not, as arises. Rest assured, the rest will be at rest. Some call this faith, some feel this as devotion, some realize this as obvious – and obviously choiceless. The rest tell themselves amazing stories, writing lyrics to go with the music that goes with the dance… Love isn’t blind, but lovers often are for a time.

When you’re looking, you may or may not see. When you’re not looking, seeing takes care of itself. Seeing, is simply seeing. See?


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